Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Do You Know Who You Are?"

          Who are you, do you know, do you really know? Do others know who you are, such as friends and family members, or the people you work with? Well, here are some answers:
  • You are a complex living being, that has been given dominion over every other living thing upon the earth.
  • You are a collage of past and present events that have and have yet to happen.  Oh, and one more thing, 
  • You are a vehicle, constantly transporting precious cargo, and that cargo, eventually has to be delivered one day to it's final destination. 
     You're probably wondering what this precious cargo could be. Well I'll tell you, it's your "Soul", which was assigned to you since the very beginning of time. Now, here's where it gets tricky. There are two possible drop off points. The route that you take, as the driver of this vehicle, pretty much determines the destination of this precious cargo. During the voyage, you are also the tour guide, any information instilled into or acts committed while in possession of this cargo, you, will be held accountable for.                              
     Okay, now let's see if we can get you to understand the importance of this cargo, that you can't see, well yes, this cargo is invisible, and that's what makes us forget about its existence, but don't let that downplay it's importance, because you actually need it more than it needs you. You see, the soul lives on without the body, but the body, absent of it's soul, is lifeless. Now, who's soul is more important or who has the more precious cargo? The answer to that question is, none of us, no matter who you are or who you aren't. For example: we are material beings, so when you compare people, such as a homeless person to a millionaire, most people would say that they are extreme opposite in terms of their impact on society or whom you'd rather sit and have lunch with or invite to the family reunion. But, when it comes to souls, let's say the millionaire is a Louis Vuitton wallet and the homeless man is a beat up paper bag, now let's put a one hundred dollar bill in both, wait 5 min., now take them out. Which hundred dollar bill would be more easily given away to someone who desperately wants it? Answer: They're both the same, the packaging means absolutely nothing, only to a man and his ignorance of who or what we really are; only to a man that has been enslaved by his own mind and foolish beliefs of what it's all really about. 

         We live our lives on borrowed time, with borrowed knowledge, in borrowed bodies, and no one can tell us, not even our creator, that our way isn't the right way. Well, WAKE UP, you've authored and directed that movie long enough, because one day your movie is going to end, and you, just like everyone else, will have to walk out of the theater and into what's real. Yes, your movie was a flop. It was probably over budgeted, with bad lighting, dragging on a shallow plot and poor story line, and we all knew the ending from the very beginning, "you die."
     Imagine that "life" is like the "Indianapolis 500" the world famous car race. Well there is a pre-race called the qualifying race. This race determines where your line up position in the real race will be. Once that's determined, everyone gets into position and races around 200 laps totaling 500 hundred miles taking 4 hours to complete, which would seem like an eternity to me, being that car racing is not an interest of mine. So, right now, in examining who you are, do you feel like you are bringing your "A" game to the table in this qualifying race? There is more at stake for you than you may be able to understand. Losing is not an option that you want to accept as an option. Although there will be some losers, your job is to make it priority to not be one of them. Now, there will however, be a conciliation prize, to those who lose, but definitely not anything you could run home and show to mom though. No my friend, nothing about the conciliation prize is five star, NOTHING, and unlike the luxury of "free will" that we have here, where we can send things back, get refunds, demand to speak with management, or just get up and leave, those are unfortunately not options for the losers of this race. It's not included in the package deal. This ain't the "Indianapolis 500 car race", no, you are part of something much bigger, the "Human Race". 
     Consider this as a pit stop and the advice being given here as mandatory maintenance, to help you win this race. Better yet, consider this blog to be a travel agency, and me as an attractive, kind, helpful travel agent, with winter fresh breath, that pulls you to the side and says "hey, this place that you could be headed to, has very bad reviews, you may want to look into the other option as your permanent getaway spot." A thank you would be nice, but a tip would be better (I'm smiling right now with my hand extended out) lol, just kidding. But seriously, if you are reading this, it's because you were meant to. This may be knowledge for you, or that precious cargo that you have thrown in the back seat, or at this point, probably tied up and gagged in the trunk of your vehicle. How would you feel if that were you, gagged, with no say so as to what you were exposed to or where or what you're dragged into? Well, that's where you're lost my friend, because you and that precious cargo which you've neglected for so long, are one in the same, two peas in a pod, friends till the end Andy, "hidey ho". That's right, "SURPRISE", you and that cargo are joined at the hip, and are inseparable in life, separated only by death, kinda like the wedding vows when they say, "As long as you both shall live, and until death do you part", but, without the choice of divorce. That's not an option in this case. Thank God for that, otherwise, your soul would have probably turned in the paperwork a long time ago, leaving you for broke!

     Now, let us discuss for a moment, motivational tactics, to keep you focused when you lose track of what you've read in this blog.  Try staring at something without blinking, while holding a freshly cut onion to your face, or try bending your finger back to the point of excruciating pain, without stopping, or take a lighter and hold it up to the palm of your hand and ignite it, and hold it there for as long as you can. The point is, there is an endless list of self inflicting pain that you could google on your computer, but in the end, no matter which one you foolishly pick to inflict on yourself, the point still remains that it is by your "free will" to start and stop each of these lil insane experiments, as long as you are still joined at the hip by that cargo that I told you about early on in this blog. 

     Here's the bummer. Remember the big race? No, not the Indy...the human one. Well the losers of this race are sent to a place where those experiments that I mentioned googling, are simultaneously ran on every individual there 24/7/365 x eternity. Now, to add insult to injury, without that Devine marriage of you and your soul, your privilege of "free will" is null and void, so there's nothing or no one to stop the torturing, of what's left behind by you, that poor soul that went disregarded and unguarded by you for so long. Oh what a bad host you've been! You have betrayed who you really are, "A Living Soul".

     You know, Satan hates you, because of the soul that God gave us. That's part of what got him kicked out of Heaven, his jealousy of us and his own self worship and gratification, but you need not concern yourself with that. It is already irreversibly done and nothing that you do here can change that. Besides, Satan is bad news. Why would you extend a lending hand to something that would take pleasure in ripping it off? Our soul is the very part that separates us and places us above all other things on the earth and is the very thing that lives on after the journey. Take care of it as if it were your only child. With that being said, would you run into a burning building with your child and leave them in there to be burned alive? Well, your soul is depending on you to not allow that to happen, because hell is a burning building, with no maximum occupancy count. In other words, there's always room for one more, and hell is as real as the air you're breathing and the quickening of your heart as you read these words. Right now, hell is invisible to you, like your soul, but once again, once separated from the soul, hell will become very visible and very real. It reminds me of that old classic song,"These are a few of my favorite things", the part where hell is never mentioned in that list.

     But all jokes aside, I use my bizarre sarcasm to keep you entertained while you read this message, because this is a serious matter. Hell is not a ski resort that you visit and tweet about or leave a review on your wall on your facebook page or write a blog or forum about so people can read about your personal experience. No, hell is a one time all expense paid deal where all communication with the outside world is strictly prohibited, NO EXCEPTIONS (you'll be dead). Your time to tweet, text, email, or Facebook would be now, send this message or a link to this blog to the people in your circle, your facebook and twitter friends etc. Give them the gift of learning who they are, just as you have, and who the process they just might win the race. Now, in the words of Jerry Springer, "Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other".

     Oh, I almost forgot, references. There are scriptures in the Bible to support and back up what I've written in this blog, but to get you in practice of what you've just read, it may be best that you go ahead and read the whole book, so I won't give you exact scriptures to turn to. Hey, trust me on this one, that's how I started reading my Bible; looking for scriptures to confirm things I'd heard people said were in there. Plus, it's food for your soul, which may be starving right now, so give it some nourishment and make it strong, you'll need each other to win the race. To God be the glory. 


Saturday, July 9, 2011

What Causes Car Accidents

 It is reported that there are approximately 115 people that die everyday in the united states in car accidents. The cause of those accidents, in one word, YOU, because you know all of the motor vehicle rules for driving a vehicle responsibly, like the back of your hand. You, for never running a red light, stop sign or yield sign. You, because you know the proper spacing between each vehicle while in operation, or because you never break the speed limits, etc, etc. You are the one that plays a very large role in our daily traffic jams, or should I say half the role. Let me explain to you why, it's because you make sure that you put the message out to those who don't obey all of the rules, for example: Standing your ground when you see someone breaking one of those rules, such as someone going through a four way stop, out of turn, you're the driver that says " hey, they can't do that, he's breaking the rule." " it's my turn to go!" so you stand your ground and defend your honor like all of the smart idiots have done before you, and dart out into the street to prove your point, but, what you have really done, is bought you and the "I don't care who's turn it is, I'm taking it!" driver, a time out. Now, besides destroying your car, in addition, you must now wait 15 min to God knows when, for a cop to show up and take a report. Once that's over, you have to wait for a tow truck, so now you can tack on an additional 15 min or half of eternity for that. Now, while all this is going on, you must muster up with any politeness that may be left in you, to make small talk with this "Unfair idiot" that has just trashed your car, made you late for whatever engagement you were on your way to, and have you to be half the cause of why the traffic is backed up from the earth to the Jupiter, while people that are passing by are giving you looks that would stop a charging bull in his tracks.
Hey, and what about those classic morning or evening traffic jams that are caused by car accidents with the 30 min to 2 hr delays. That one accident where someone signals that they are about to get over into another lane and that car that comes from nowhere so fast that it seems like it dropped out of the sky or was teleported from hell, basically breaking the speed limit and the sound barrier to keep another car from getting in front of them, even though they were dragging about at a slow rate about 5 to 15 cars back before they saw that blinker come on. Well unfortunately, the driver that was trying to get over can't respond that fast to the foolish actions of the obsessed driver that's determined to have clear open highway between them and their destination. But, that's not always the case, sometimes that accident can be avoided, but once again, the driver that knows the rules has a point to prove, so even though they have time to avoid the accident, they opt not to, and instead continue to try to get into the lane at a normal " legal" speed, while this barbarian is flying from behind them as though they've been catapulted from another dimension. The perfect recipe for disaster, and you've just been made assistant cook, to the "master chef" (the barbarian) that cooked the whole accident up and brought traffic to a sloooow simmer. If you're lucky, you didn't have to die, standing your ground, and what not; if you're lucky, you may even escape having you or one of your loved ones or passenger that may have been riding along, the displeasure of having to be rushed to a hospital to be treated for fatal injuries. If you're lucky, you don't have to live with the burden of the person that caused the whole thing, severely injuring or killing themselves or someone who may have been with them. When it's all over, if you're both lucky, your accident didn't cause harm to any of the people or vehicles that were around you at the time of the accident.
         If you'll notice, I didn't spend much time talking about the people who break all the rules and initiate the accidents, only the people who follow the rules for proper vehicle operation, the reason is because you can't control the actions of idiots, so it also doesn't make much sense to talk about them, because it's not going to make them stop their foolish, inconsiderate, immature or drunken ways, that as a result kill or injure thousands of people every year, approximately 40,000 estimated deaths in the U.S. yearly. We can't avoid all accidents, but for the ones that we can, you should do so, because in the end the people that operate their vehicles recklessly don't learn anything from the point that you've proven by making your stand, if you could check their driving record, you would clearly see that your efforts were in vain. You are the real reason, because you, are the more responsible driver, you are the one that senselessly has so much to lose, you are the one with the flawless driving record and super low rates from your insurance provider because of it. And besides, you owe it to your family and friends to return home the same way you left and you are considerate enough to make sure that the idiots out there do the same, unless they hit a tree, pole, fire hydrant or building, you can't help them out there, they'll have to sort that out themselves. It kinda gives the answer to that old classic song, "where are the clowns", well, I've found them, they've all gotten drivers licenses and they're driving amongst us. Lol, God bless them all, even the ones that drive faster than they can think.
          Oh, and I didn't forget to mention the new and latest fad, the stylish, " texting accidents", they're just not worth the effort of talking about, because the people that cause those accidents should be tied down to a chair, blind folded and forced to where a straight jacket and fed from baby food jars for the rest of their undeveloped minded lives, and it should be made mandatory that the person feeding them must be a complete stranger, and texting during the entire feeding process. They are truly the poster kids of selfishness or self centeredness. Ok, that's enough of talking about them because one of them may be reading this paragraph in my blog while they're driving at this very moment and send out a mass text message to all their texting driving friends and out of their fury, cause enough accidents to shut down every highway, freeway, dirt road and backstreet in America, and I would be the one to blame. Well, i only have one thing to say about that, In the words of our friend Simon, "Absolutely Pathetic".
          As for you, drive wisely, acknowledge the rules but you must also be aware that there are people who break them, and that there is no reason to try to call them out on it, let them be, maybe one day we'll find a place to ship all the idiots off to, I'm working on it now as you are reading this blog, but until then, we have to live with them, so suck it up, and when you make it safely through the traffic everyday to your crummy job, and back home afterwards to your spouse, thank God for returning you and every idiot you managed to dodge along the way, home safely to your loved ones. And let the police deal with the idiots, part of your tax dollars that they take out of your earnings from the crummy job pays for it, lol. So let's all come together and pray for our idiots, until you guys help me come up with an idea on where to send them off, with a lifetime supply of all the drugs, alcohol, and the latest smart phones with invisible keyboards they could ever wish for. Thank you for helping me clear my brain, now, take some time out to clear yours by posting a comment, it'll be therapy for us all.

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